Lusida Rubber Products: Top manufacturers of plastics!

Lusida Rubber Products: Top manufacturers of plastics!

Plastic, which are produced from polymers, contains cluster of elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur. Majority of them have extremely high molecular weight due to presence of atoms. Some of the organic polymers like wood, rosin and horn do possess a very high molecular mass. Synthetic plastics do share similar properties to that of natural materials and petrochemicals.

Plastics are widely incorporated in various applications such as spacecraft and even paper clips. It is one of the least expensive renewable material that is versatile and not prone to wear and tear. Today, majority of the developed countries take advantage of plastics for packaging products and for construction of buildings like plumbing and piping. They are also used in field of automobile industry, manufacturing of furniture and toys. Plastics are originated from various sources of materials in nature like soil, coal, plants, oil and natural gas.

Lusida Rubber Products supplies plenty of medical equipments to hospitals for plastic surgery. Few medical equipments and polymer implants are derived from plastics. The initial synthetic plastics were extracted from cellulose that is commonly found in plants and trees. They are even produced from hydrocarbons, which is available in plenty from materials like natural gas, coal and oil.

Plastics are broadly classified into two major categories namely ‘Thermoplastics’ and ‘Thermosets’. The former one becomes lighter as soon as it is heated whereas latter does not.

Lusida Rubber Products is a reliable plastic manufacturing company that guarantees durability.

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