About Us


As of July 1, 2015 Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. came under new management which reasserted our role as a global supplier of custom rubber and plastic components. We are here to satisfy the needs of our customers with expertly crafted parts at a competitive price, safely packaged and shipped on schedule to our customers.

We know that our success depends upon the quality of our exchange with our customers. If we want to have a mediocre company, we should deliver no more and no less than what our customers expect. But if we want to have a genuinely prosperous, expansive and meaningful company, we must deliver beyond the expectations of our customers. That will be the only standard that can guarantee our future.

Accomplishing this standard requires trained and skilled personnel, cooperation and participation of our foreign and domestic manufacturers to uphold the highest quality standard throughout the width and breadth of the manufacturing and shipping process, and the satisfaction of our customers.

These things are what is important here. They are the cornerstones of our business.


Wayne Chin

President, Lusida Rubber Products, Inc.


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. owns the trademark for “Lusida” in North America and is not affiliated with any one using the name “Lusida” in any other area other than North America.