Vibration Mounts

Lusida Vibration Mounts

Lusida rubber manufactures a wide variety of rubber to metal bonding products, which include vibration mounts, metal gaskets, etc. Vibration mounds are basically used to isolate vibration, shock, and noise caused by machinery, although they are used in a wide range of applications in the industry. Lusida rubber makes rubber to metal bonded products compounded to your specifications with special adhesives to meet your unique requirement.

Whether you need custom or standard, Lusida Rubber can deliver to your specifications on time and at the right price.



Welcome to our Lusida Products, your number-one choice for premium vibration mounts, which are specifically engineered to prevent vibration, minimize noise, and provide impeccable performance. Innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. 

Why Vibration Mounts Matter:

Vibrational mounts are an important part of the industrial environment as it eliminates any unwanted vibration which comes from different types of equipment and machines. Whether you deal with heavy-duty machinery in manufacturing plants, delicate equipment in labs, or automotive systems, vibration mounts play an important role by enhancing operational processes, hurdle fatigue of equipment and boosting safety.

Key Features of Our Vibration Mounts

  1. Premium Quality Materials
  2. Customizable Solutions
  3. Effective Vibration Mount
  4. Wide Application Range
  5. Long-lasting Performance

Applications of Our Vibration Mounts

  1. Manufacturing and Machinery
  2. Automotive Industry
  3. Electronics and Technology

Why Choose Lusida Products?

  1. Uncompromising Quality
  2. Exceptional Customer Service
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. Fast Turnaround Times

Vibration mounts offer a way to increase the stability, performance, and lifespan of your machinery and equipment. It's time to invest in these high-quality products from Lusida Products. From many years, of technical capability, and customer-oriented diligence, we are your firm associate in ensuring an optimal vibration isolation for you. Contact us now to learn more about the devices and services we provide and find out how we can assist in transforming your business.