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Lusida Rubber Products headquartered at Pasadena, California manufactures Hypalon rubber, epichlorohydrin rubber using state-of-the-art technologies.

Hypalon Rubber

Hypalon, which is sometimes referred to as ‘Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene’ has a very low gas permeability, impervious to chemicals along with an improved heat ageing process. It is resistance to weather conditions and ozone is remarkable. Unlike other rubber products, its electrical properties are outstanding. It shares similar features to that of a chloroprene due to its very low flexibility and impervious to oil. One of the major hitches with respect to ‘Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene’ is that it has a very low fuel resistance. This type of rubber product is not a feasible option for dynamic sealing applications owing to weak sets of compression.

Epichlorohydrin rubber 

Epichlorohydrin rubber, which shares similar features to that of a nitrile rubber, is highly resistant to petrol, heat and oil. This type of rubber product too has a poor gas permeability and low temperature flexibility. However, they are impervious to alkalis, ozone and acids. Owing to a week compression sets, it is not suited for sealing applications and the corrosion effect escalate the costs of its tooling. It restricts metal-bonding applications too. It is take advantage in the field of bladders and diaphragms.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer 

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is actually a blend of ethylene and propylene. It also contains the presence of Diene in smaller quantities. One of the highlights of an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is that it simplifies cross-linking reactions.


Lusida Rubber Products guarantees supply of quality, durable rubber products like Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, Epichlorohydrin rubber and Hypalon rubber.


Customized rubber products at Lusida Rubber Products, Inc.

The manufacturing companies take advantage of a durometer to check and verify the thickness of rubber products, plastic materials and non-metallic substances. The thickness of a product determines its resistance power to the exterior penetration. Those materials, which are harder, tend to be more resistant to wear and tear and at the same time, they guarantee flexibility. One major point to be taken into consideration is that an object might fall down exceeding the scale limit. Take for example, a standard shoe heel measures about ninety-five shore 00.

Aflas falls under the category of fluoroelastomers that offer one-of-a-kind properties to diverse range of applications. This product is normally used for drilling oil. The TFE/P can be easily cross-linked by harnessing wide range of systems. However, peroxides guarantee an excellent resistant power to surface tensions. One of the major highlights with respect to Aflas is that under lower temperature say below 54 degree Celsius, it remains intact. Unlike other rubber products, TFE/P is not vulnerable to damage owing to high resistance ability.

Butyl Rubber, which is often referred to as Isobutylene-isoprene, is a type of synthetic rubber, which came into existence during 1940’s. It is used in very high vacuum sealing applications owing to its minimum gas permeability. Furthermore, they are also used for manufacturing of inner tubes as well. Butyl rubber are also exploited for vibration damping due to lower resilience. They are impervious to alkalis, dilute acids and extreme temperatures.

Lusida Rubber Products Inc specializes in manufacturing of rubber products like butyl rubber. It is a unique rubber manufacturing company.

Lusida Rubber Products: Top manufacturers of plastics!

Plastic, which are produced from polymers, contains cluster of elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur. Majority of them have extremely high molecular weight due to presence of atoms. Some of the organic polymers like wood, rosin and horn do possess a very high molecular mass. Synthetic plastics do share similar properties to that of natural materials and petrochemicals.

Plastics are widely incorporated in various applications such as spacecraft and even paper clips. It is one of the least expensive renewable material that is versatile and not prone to wear and tear. Today, majority of the developed countries take advantage of plastics for packaging products and for construction of buildings like plumbing and piping. They are also used in field of automobile industry, manufacturing of furniture and toys. Plastics are originated from various sources of materials in nature like soil, coal, plants, oil and natural gas.

Lusida Rubber Products supplies plenty of medical equipments to hospitals for plastic surgery. Few medical equipments and polymer implants are derived from plastics. The initial synthetic plastics were extracted from cellulose that is commonly found in plants and trees. They are even produced from hydrocarbons, which is available in plenty from materials like natural gas, coal and oil.

Plastics are broadly classified into two major categories namely ‘Thermoplastics’ and ‘Thermosets’. The former one becomes lighter as soon as it is heated whereas latter does not.

Lusida Rubber Products is a reliable plastic manufacturing company that guarantees durability.


Lusida Rubber Products: Top rubber manufacturing company!

Lusida Rubber Products that is headquartered at Pasadena, California, USA are highly specialized in the production of fiberglass. They are highly durable, efficient, stable and it is well suited for various types of fenestration materials. The company had been supplying components of fiberglass for the construction of both commercial and residential buildings/properties. There has been an increase in demand for fiberglass to create door panels and window frames.

One of the major benefits of fiberglass is its remarkable insulation, better structural performance and reduced embodied energy. A study revealed that the thermal conductivity of a fiberglass is higher than that of aluminum. As a result, it is one of the preferred materials for creating insulating window panels and even screens. The structural integrity of the windows and doors are preserved when the thermal expansion is lower. In addition, there are no issues with respect to leakage or warping. They are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and prevent rust that may occur due to corrosive salt.

Percentage of insulation in the case of fiberglass is much higher when compared to aluminum. They are more rigid and guarantees durability. The consumers need not spent a hefty amount in its annual maintenance thereby reducing shipping and storage expenses. A fiberglass is used for developing household electronic items without affecting its overall performance. It safeguards the employees from all types of hazards.

Lusida Rubber is the only trusted company that deals with superior quality fiberglass products.


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc.–Global Suppliers of rubber and plastic materials!

A natural rubber, which is produced from a rubber containing the presence of latex, is a polymer of isoprene. It is not vulnerable to wear and tear since it has an enhanced longevity, highly resistant to alkali and soluble in some of the major substances like gasoline and mineral oil. Lusida Rubber Product, Inc. located at Pasadena in California, USA is one of the few rubber manufacturing companies who deals in diverse range of rubber and plastic components. Natural rubber that is vulcanized is normally tapped from the Para rubber tree.

The Para rubber tree is native to countries in South America. The British Empire previously planted and distributed this tree to Asian colonies like Singapore, Malaysia and India. These countries are currently one of the leading producers of rubber products. During extraction of the pulp, a sticky and milky liquid substance emerges out form the Para rubber tree. They are later thoroughly refined to convert it into rubber for further processing.

Natural rubber, which is a polymer of isoprene, contains various other materials like resins, inorganic materials and fatty acids. Synthetic natural rubber that includes chemical as well as physical properties is receptive to cracking of ozone and vulcanization. However, a natural rubber has plenty of benefits since they are extremely resilient, improved elongation and waterproof.

Lusida Rubber Product, Inc has in store countless number of plastic and rubber components that meets the needs of each consumers.