Solid Rubber Solutions

Experience excellence in solid rubber molding with Lusida. We are your trusted source for top-quality, durable solid rubber components. Our expert craftsmanship and commitment to precision ensure that every product we produce meets the most stringent industry standards. Whether you require custom solutions or standard parts, rely on Lusida for solid rubber molding that delivers unwavering performance and reliability.

Custom Rubber Molding

Compression Molding involves placing the uncured rubber compound into a heated, open mold cavity, then closing the mold under pressure (usually in a hydraulic press) to initiate vulcanization (curing). Transfer Molding requires the uncured rubber compound to be placed in a transfer chamber, heated, then forced into the mold cavity under pressure until cured. Injection Molding entails preheating uncured rubber in a chamber, then injecting it into a closed, heated mold.