Silicone Hose

Quality Silicone Hoses

Lusida's silicone hose are the top choice for you next project. Handcrafted to fit your requirements using premium quality material, we manufacture a wide variety. Whether you need preformed elbows, reduction hoses, or straight lengths, we have it all. Our hoses are utilized in a variety of sectors including automotive, agriculture, rail and bus, marine, food, HVAC, and more.

silicone heater hose
Intercooler high-temperature bent hose

Custom Bent Hose

90-degree silicone hose

Elbow Hose

S-shaped water hose

S-Shaped Hose

S-shaped intake hose

Reducer Hose

double-layer wire-reinforced high-pressure silicone hose

Vacuum Hose

Medical-grade silicone hose

Medical Grade Hose

Food-grade silicone hose 2

Food Grade Hose

Silicone fiberglass fireproof hose

Fiberglass Fireproof Hose

Steel wire reinforced silicone hose 2

Steel Wire Reinforced Hose

Construction machinery turbocharged air hose 2

Turbocharger Air Hose

Large-diameter corrugated hose

Corrugated Hose