Lusida Rubber Products, Inc.–Global Suppliers of rubber and plastic materials!


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc.–Global Suppliers of rubber and plastic materials!

A natural rubber, which is produced from a rubber containing the presence of latex, is a polymer of isoprene. It is not vulnerable to wear and tear since it has an enhanced longevity, highly resistant to alkali and soluble in some of the major substances like gasoline and mineral oil. Lusida Rubber Product, Inc. located at Pasadena in California, USA is one of the few rubber manufacturing companies who deals in diverse range of rubber and plastic components. Natural rubber that is vulcanized is normally tapped from the Para rubber tree.

The Para rubber tree is native to countries in South America. The British Empire previously planted and distributed this tree to Asian colonies like Singapore, Malaysia and India. These countries are currently one of the leading producers of rubber products. During extraction of the pulp, a sticky and milky liquid substance emerges out form the Para rubber tree. They are later thoroughly refined to convert it into rubber for further processing.

Natural rubber, which is a polymer of isoprene, contains various other materials like resins, inorganic materials and fatty acids. Synthetic natural rubber that includes chemical as well as physical properties is receptive to cracking of ozone and vulcanization. However, a natural rubber has plenty of benefits since they are extremely resilient, improved elongation and waterproof.

Lusida Rubber Product, Inc has in store countless number of plastic and rubber components that meets the needs of each consumers.

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