Silicone Sponge Rubber: Flexible and customizable elastomeric material

Silicone Sponge Rubber: Flexible and customizable elastomeric material

Lusida Rubber Products primarily deals with the manufacture and supply of customized elastomeric material. It can be converted into multiple densities including low, medium and high meeting the needs of the application.

A sponge rubber is feasible enough to execute in a diverse range of environments. It even includes superior performance in a diverse range of temperatures. This type of material displays a remarkable performance in a variety of applications like sound and vibration.

Properties of a Silicone Sponge Rubber

Silicone sponge rubber which is designed out of cells is quite similar to that of a balloon. They hold gas thereby blocking the moisture to penetrate through the walls until the cell walls explode. The cells are not interconnected; as a result they do not allow both water and air to pass through the sponge at low pressures.

A closed cell sponge rubber is highly impervious to weather and sunlight. They are capable of surviving even at harsh outdoor environment much better than neoprene. Appropriate inclusion of additives is imperative to meet the UL flame ratings. They are highly vulnerable to oils and fuels.

A silicone closed cell sponge rubber has a very high level of resilience. It is less resistant to flames and it is incapable of obtaining flame ratings that falls beyond UL94HB.

Silicone rubber is indeed one of the best available options for various types of applications. They have a unique ability to function at a temperature ranging from one hundred degree centigrade to 250 degree Celsius.

Lusida Rubber Products Inc primarily focuses on producing rubber products that provide insulation from electricity. It has great thermal stability too.

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