Lusida Rubber Products: Manufacturers of O-Ring (Torus)

Lusida Rubber Products: Manufacturers of O-Ring (Torus)

Lusida Rubber Products specialize in the production of a doughnut shaped material termed as ‘O-ring’. It is manufactured out of elastomers which is quite similar to elastic materials like synthetic or natural rubber. They are exclusively designed to be placed under a groove while it is flattened at the time of assembling process. It develops a seal within the interface. They are used in a variety of static and dynamic applications. O-rings are considered to be one of the least expensive materials and the installation process is extremely easy. They provide immense sealing capacity. O-rings are broadly classified into Static seals and dynamic seals. Out of which dynamic sealing is the complicated one since it requires intricate design work and selection of materials as well.

One of the frequent dynamic motions that incorporate O-ring sealing system is the reciprocal motion. It is commonly found in actuators and hydraulic systems. The selection process of O-ring is purely based on application temperature and the overall sealing pressure. Furthermore, quality, quantity and cost are also taken into consideration. It is indisputably one of the cost-effective and reliable materials to seal megapascals. The initial patent of the O-ring was schedule on May, 12, 1896. They normally arrive in several metric and inch based sizes. The overall size is described by a cross section diameter. The standard size of an O-ring in USA is AS568-214. Today numerous manufacturing companies and distributors takes in approximately fourteen individual SKU’s along with ten million stocks.

Lusida Rubber Products produces superior quality O-ring materials and supplies to the company at an affordable rate.

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