Lusida Rubber Products: Award-winning rubber manufacturing co.

Lusida Rubber Products: Award-winning rubber manufacturing co.

Lusida Rubber Products is an accomplished rubber manufacturing company that deals with top quality rubber products. They primarily focuses on customized rubber components like injection molded rubber and fast lead time. Each products manufactured by them are duly certified (ISO and TS). The valued customers will be definitely impressed by the professional services as well as productions.

Lusida Rubber Products have gained years of experience assisting OEM and Tier-1 manufacturing company. They lay special emphasis on the supply of molded products, rubber flooring, household and commercial establishments. They primarily deal with miscellaneous rubber products like bushes, O-rings, speed breakers, humps and kerbs.

Lusida Rubber Products Inc claims to be the top manufacturers and exporters of rubber products. They ensure timely delivery of customized rubber products. Lusida Rubber Products Inc have years of experience in exporting, manufacturing and supply of molded products. These products are produced by using superior quality materials like nitril, silicon and viton.

The products manufactured by them ensure a very high tolerance rate along with extreme flame retardant nature. Some of the components undergo rigorous tests like fluorocarbon and neoprene checks. This process is done to meet international and national standards. Lusida Rubber Products Inc has been at the forefront in exporting rubber products ever since its inception.

Very recently, they upgraded some of their manufacturing units and installed innovative and integrated plants at certain parts of India. The company is engaged in the manufacture and export of engineered rubber extruded products such as lip oil seals and rubber diaphragms.

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is currently at the forefront in manufacturing of rubber components at a very reasonable rate.

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