Lusida Rubber Products: Manufacturer of rubber products

Lusida Rubber Products is one of top off shoring/outsourcing companies headquartered at Pasadena, California. An award-winning rubber manufacturing company specialized in superior quality rubber products. Lusida Rubber Products helps you to cut down your cost and fast track your production. They also offer extrusion, rubber to metal bonding and molding. Their service includes assistance in producing prototypes. O-rings, grommets, diaphragms, mounts and washers are some of the other popular rubber products produced by the company.

All the products manufactured at Lusida Rubber Products are scientifically tested and proven through arduous tests. They are also one hundred-percentage ISO and TS certified. Now let us look at some of the products, which are manufactured by the company.

1.Extrusion–Metal Inserts:-

The company also manufactures dense rubber and closed cell sponge rubber containing metal inserts. It is a flexible product, which offers a smooth texture by eliminating the roughness. The company would assist the customers in customizing the product.


Thermo plastics and Thermo setting polymers are some of the major plastics, which are produced by Lusida Rubber Products Inc. One of the major benefits of this product is that it can be molded multiple times. Some of the popular plastics that come fall under this category include polystyrene, polyethylene and polytetrafluoroethylene. Thermosets are capable of regaining their original shape once it is melted.

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. aims at supplying all the custom-quality rubber products to their valued customers at nominal rates.

Lusida Rubber Products Inc: Quality at its best!

In the contemporary world, most of the people purchase and utilize rubber products for wide varieties of applications. They often arrive in multiple shapes and designs. A Natural Rubber, which is extracted from Latex, is a type of colloid. A rubber is extracted from a rubber tree by creating an incision in its bark. This process is carefully executed without affecting the growth of a tree. Once the process is complete, a sticky and white colored fluid seeps through the bark of a tree. The extracted fluids are later collected in small buckets and converted it into a natural rubber.

On the other hand, a synthetic rubber is used in manufacturing rubber products. Rubber-molded products are extensively utilized in household applications and industrial applications such as die cut services. In addition, they are used for designing shoes, belts, matting and medical gloves.

Products manufactured by the Lusida Rubber Products, Inc.

Lusida Rubber deals in plastic products such as thermo plastics and thermo setting polymers. Thermo Plastic is a type of plastic, which is not subjected to any sorts of chemical change during their chemical composition. Some of the common types of thermo plastics include polyethylene, polystyrene, poly vinyl chloride and polytetrafluoroethylene.

Thermosets is a plastic, which is capable of regaining its original form even if it is melted and solidified. The Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. also specializes in manufacturing of braided fiberglass sleeving and braided tubes. They are very flexible offering a high level of abrasion.

Fiber Glass Re-inforced

The Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. manufactures a wide range of diaphragms. They are designed using composite materials.

Sponge Rubber Molding

The cells of a Sponge Rubber Molding share similar features to that of a standard balloon. As long as the cell walls are intact, the moisture will not seep through. A chemical blowing agent is also applied when the raw compound is mixed with the solid rubber compounds.

The Lusida Rubber Products Inc, which deals in a wide range of plastic components and rubber products guarantees top-notch services to their esteemed customers.

Delivering quality products at competitive rates

The Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. opened its doors to the public in 2015. They are one of the leading suppliers of plastic components and rubber. It was introduced with the objective to offer superior quality products to their customers at nominal rates. All manufactured products are packed in tight containers before they are delivered to the customers.

The company believes that their success is purely based on the quality, which is exchanged between their discerning clients. In order to sustain in this industry, the company should aim towards delivering top-notch services, which exceeds a customer’s expectations. Now let us look at some of the products, which are offered by this company:-

Vibration Mounts:-

The company manufactures a range of rubber as well as metal bonding products such as vibration mounts and metal gaskets. One of the major purposes of using a Vibration mount is to shut away the vibration, shock and loud noises, which are produced by the machinery. These products can also be customized according the needs and requirements of the customers.


Conversion of rubber to metal bonded products involves adhering rubber to a metal substrate. The metal transfers its stiffness to the rubber in order to mount certain parts of a rubber. The remaining part of the rubber holds the metal, which contains elasticity. Before it is molded, excess grease from the metal is removed and later sandblasted to wipe out the presence of rust and impurities on the outer surface. After that, a bonding agent is applied to the metal. The rubber is allowed to dry and later they are placed in a mold. It is one of the common types of rubber, which are used in the field of medical and industrial applications.


Extrusion: Metal Inserts:-

It also focuses on manufacturing dense rubber along with closed cell sponge rubber. It offers softness and flexibility to the rubber while a metal is inserted.


The Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is undoubtedly one of the top manufacturing companies, which offers superior quality plastic components and rubber at nominal rates.

Lusida Rubber Products: Quality Products at affordable rates!

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc., which was established in July 2015 is currently one of the top suppliers of custom rubber as well as plastic components. The primary objective of this manufacturing company is to offer superior quality products to their esteemed clients at affordable rates. All their manufactured products are scientifically tested and proven before they are delivered to the customer’s doorsteps.

The internal team of the Lusida Rubber Products believes that in order to survive in this industry, they need to strive hard towards the accomplishment of their goals. They are currently focusing on offering products and services, which exceeds customer’s expectations.

What kinds of products does the company manufacture?

The company has in store plenty of molded products ranging from grommets, O-rings to washers as well as bushings. All the previously mentioned products are available in solid and rubber forms. The customer does have the option to customize a particular product according to their needs and requirements. Some of the products manufactured by the company are as follows:

Sponge Rubber Molding

The cells of a sponge rubber molding share similar features to that of a standard balloon.  It is capable of preserving the gas for a longer period of time without even permitting the moisture to pass through it. The raw compound thus formed and a chemical blowing agent is mixed with solid rubber compounds. Under extreme temperature, this substance is added with a rubber compound to produce nitrogen gas.

Thermo plastics and Thermo setting polymers

The company also manufactures wide varieties of plastic components such as Thermo plastics and Thermo setting polymers. Thermo plastic is a type of plastic, which can be used again because no chemical change takes place when it is heated under high temperature. As a result, it makes it easier to re-mold thermo plastics for different uses.

Thermosets are another set of plastics, which can be melted and re-shaped again. This is because subsequent to melting the plastic, it solidifies and remains set.

The company primarily manufactures top-quality rubber products and plastics at competitive rates

Customized rubber compounds at your doorstep

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is one of the top global suppliers of customized rubber compounds and plastic components, which is based in the United States of America. It is the only outsourcing/offshoring company in the U.S. which delivers quality rubber products to the customers at affordable rates. They ensure that all the rubber products are packed in tight containers and shipped to their esteemed clients before time.

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is blessed with a team of highly skilled and trained personnel along with foreign and domestic manufacturers who strive hard to maintain the highest quality standard until the shipping process is executed. Some of the plastic products and fiberglass, which are manufactured by the Lusida Rubber, are as follows.

  1. Thermo Plastic: –Thermo Plastic is a type of plastic which is not subjected to chemical reaction while it is heated. One of the unique features of a thermoplastic is that t can be molded multiple number of times. Polyethylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride and poly tetra fluoro ethylene (PTFE) are some of the common examples of thermoplastics.


  1. Thermosetting polymers: –Thermosetting polymers is a type of plastic, which has the ability to form a new shape when it is solidified.


  1. Braided Fiber Glass Sleeving: –Braided Fiber Glass Sleeving is a malleable and abrasion resistant tube, which is utilized in elevated temperature environments. The Lucida Rubber Products, Inc. produces a wide range of braided tubes. The company also allows the customers to customize a particular product according to their needs and requirements.


  1. Fiber Glass Tapes: –The Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. has years of experience in the field of manufacturing fiberglass tapes. All the fiberglass tapes manufactured by the company are highly resistant to extreme temperatures thereby making it an ideal tape to wrap electrical cables. It is also one of the preferred tapes by the doctors for casts and bandages in the hospitals.


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. ensures fast shipment of customized products to the customers at the right place before schedule.

Durable rubber products at competitive price

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is one of the leading outsourcing and off shoring companies, which is located at Pasadena, California, United States of America. Lusida Rubber Products, Inc, which was incorporated back in the year 2015 primary deals in the production and distribution of customized rubber and plastic components.

The sole objective of Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is to deliver top quality customized rubber products and plastic components to their esteemed customers at affordable rates. All the products are scientifically tested and proven before delivering it to the customers.

The company believes that the growth and success of their business is purely based on the quality of the products and customer satisfaction. They believe that in order to sustain in this industry, they have to strive hard to work beyond the expectations of their discerning customers.

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. comprises of an array of molded products ranging from grommets, O Rings, washers to bushings. Some of the molded products offered by the Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. are as follows:

  1. Sponge Rubber Molding: –


The structure of a sponge rubber molding is quite similar to a standard balloon. This product has the capacity to preserve gas without allowing the moisture to enter into it and at the same time keeping the cell wall intact. A raw compound and a chemical blowing agent is added along with solid rubber compounds to produce nitrogen gas.


  1. Solid Rubber Molding: –


Solid Rubber Molding is generated by inserting an uncured rubber compound into a tight container. Later the container is closed by heating it under extreme temperature to begin the process of vulcanization. The uncured rubber compound is later placed in a transfer chamber thereby allowing it to be heated and then transferred into a container.


EPDM, Polychloropene, Fluoro, Nitrile, SBR, Reclaimed Rubber and Polyurethane are some of various organic rubber compounds, which are being manufactured at Lusida Rubber Products, Inc.


The Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is well equipped with a team of dedicated, trained and skilled personnel who contribute constantly towards growth of the company.


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. — Quality at its best

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc., which is located at Pacadena, California in the United States of America, manufactures woven re-inforced fabrics, rubber, plastic compounds, included molded products, oil seals and fiberglass products.


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc, which is headquartered at Shanghai in China was established back in the year 1984. They kicked off their operations through molded products. During the initial stages, they focused on manufacturing wide varieties of rubber compounds, which included molding, extrusion and even converting rubber into metal bonding.


The company has currently extended their services in the field of automotive, industrial, food processing, HVAC and electrical appliances. They have also gained expertise in customizing rubber components as well as plastic products.


All the extruded and molded products manufactured by the company are scientifically tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They extrude polymers including Chloroprene, SBR, NBR, Natural Rubber, Butyl, Viton, Nitrile, Neoprene and EPDM.


Some of the molded and extruded products manufactured by the Lusida Rubber Products are as follows

  • Solid Rubber Extrusion: –

It is commonly used to develop objects related to fixed cross sectional profile. One of the major highlights of Solid Rubber Extrusion is that it can be utilized to form cross sections as well as objects, which are fragile.


  • Sponge Rubber Extrusion: –


The process of Sponge Rubber Extrusion is quite similar to that of a solid rubber. Certain chemicals are added to develop sponge rubber extrusions thereby making it easier to be utilized in wide varieties of applications. The company also manufactures closed cell sponge rubber.


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. has three major branches located at China and a corporate office situated in Los Angeles, California, USA. They manage and handle all the necessary shipping as well as customer care services. The customers can make use of the overseas pricing by approaching one of the corporate offices located in the United States of America.


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. guarantees that they deliver top quality and durable products, which cater to the needs and requirements of the target customers.

Important factors to consider while making the rubber products

When making rubber products, a manufacturer needs to be more careful here than making steel or plastic products. The very processing of rubber is pretty much complex when compared to plastic and steel materials where 3-4 ingredients need to be combined. Indeed, Lusida rubber products are manufactured by combining 10-15 materials. There is no fixed way to attain a standard form. Rubber needs to be customized to cater to the needs. The manufacture of rubber can involve various kinds of chemical reactions mostly when vulcanized. It is important for the manufacturer of the rubber to be careful about certain factors.

The quality of the ingredients play important role

While you use a particular grade of rubber for the manufacture of Lusida rubber products, the same grade cannot be used for other products. The manufacturing process needs to be reversed basing on the quality of the ingredients used during chemical reaction. It is important for the manufacturer to avoid altering the characteristics of rubber. It must be able to maintain resilience so that it endures stress for specific types of application. The manufacturer must make the rubber in such a way that its property is not at all hampered as per the chemical reaction. For example, if the rubber is to be used for making of pipes, the material must be durable enough to withstand chemical reactions.

The perfect formulation must be met

It is very common to pass harsh gasoline and oils from the Lusida rubber products. Alkalis is harsh fluid that may be passed like strong acids, cleansing solvents for industrial purposes. The manufacturer of rubber products needs to meet perfect formulation to prevent the pipe from crumpling or dissolving. Apart from other factors, the rubber product must also be made to resist extremely high temperatures and low temperatures.

In our social life and in the modern industry, rubber is an essential item. The manufacturer of custom rubber can suffice your needs. When it comes to rubber products, there are mainly three grades. They may be used for tires, industrial grade rubber goods and the consumer goods.

The various applications of industry grade Lusida Rubber products

The demand for the industry grade rubber products is on the rise as it is used profusely for the manufacture of automobile parts. The production of tire has also increased and indeed the rubber products are exported to several countries globally. Custom rubber products are used for industrial and domestic purposes. Lusida rubber products are strong, dynamic, flexible and the very property of the rubber makes it suitable for aerospace as well. They may withstand higher pressure without even losing the property. Rubber products stay flexible even when you stretch or twist them.

Durable rubber products are resistant to chemicals 

Lusida rubber is magnificently resistant to oils, chemicals and gasoline that make it perfect for generators and motors. They can be used for making ultra strong rubber tubes for holding strong chemicals without any fear of degradation of the material. As the rubber material can withstand higher temperature, you may use it to manufacture the sensitive part of automobiles and vehicles. Such vehicles may even be used in the desert area or in freezing cold. Rubber is such a versatile material which is used almost every time.

Moulded rubber products and their uses 

Lusida moulded rubber products may be synthetic or natural, available in various shapes and sizes. Some of the products falling within this category are oil seals, rubber plugs, gaskets, bushes that are used so much in the manufacturing and automobile industry. Such products may also be recycled in order to form rubber powder and then added to the rubber material. It is best to use molded rubber material for the non-engineering applications since it can change the property of the natural rubber material. Ground rubber may be used for the paving asphalt. Indeed, the value of moulded rubber is bound to increase with the advancement in technology.

The need for extruded rubber products

Extruded rubber is also used in different industrial applications. Owing to the great tensile strength and durability of the rubber, such Lusida rubber products may be used in the sealing applications and industrial jobs. Again the rubber is available in various shapes and sizes that include rectangular, square and tubing.