Lusida Rubber Products: Quality Products at affordable rates!

Lusida Rubber Products: Quality Products at affordable rates!

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc., which was established in July 2015 is currently one of the top suppliers of custom rubber as well as plastic components. The primary objective of this manufacturing company is to offer superior quality products to their esteemed clients at affordable rates. All their manufactured products are scientifically tested and proven before they are delivered to the customer’s doorsteps.

The internal team of the Lusida Rubber Products believes that in order to survive in this industry, they need to strive hard towards the accomplishment of their goals. They are currently focusing on offering products and services, which exceeds customer’s expectations.

What kinds of products does the company manufacture?

The company has in store plenty of molded products ranging from grommets, O-rings to washers as well as bushings. All the previously mentioned products are available in solid and rubber forms. The customer does have the option to customize a particular product according to their needs and requirements. Some of the products manufactured by the company are as follows:

Sponge Rubber Molding

The cells of a sponge rubber molding share similar features to that of a standard balloon.  It is capable of preserving the gas for a longer period of time without even permitting the moisture to pass through it. The raw compound thus formed and a chemical blowing agent is mixed with solid rubber compounds. Under extreme temperature, this substance is added with a rubber compound to produce nitrogen gas.

Thermo plastics and Thermo setting polymers

The company also manufactures wide varieties of plastic components such as Thermo plastics and Thermo setting polymers. Thermo plastic is a type of plastic, which can be used again because no chemical change takes place when it is heated under high temperature. As a result, it makes it easier to re-mold thermo plastics for different uses.

Thermosets are another set of plastics, which can be melted and re-shaped again. This is because subsequent to melting the plastic, it solidifies and remains set.

The company primarily manufactures top-quality rubber products and plastics at competitive rates

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