Delivering quality products at competitive rates

Delivering quality products at competitive rates

The Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. opened its doors to the public in 2015. They are one of the leading suppliers of plastic components and rubber. It was introduced with the objective to offer superior quality products to their customers at nominal rates. All manufactured products are packed in tight containers before they are delivered to the customers.

The company believes that their success is purely based on the quality, which is exchanged between their discerning clients. In order to sustain in this industry, the company should aim towards delivering top-notch services, which exceeds a customer’s expectations. Now let us look at some of the products, which are offered by this company:-

Vibration Mounts:-

The company manufactures a range of rubber as well as metal bonding products such as vibration mounts and metal gaskets. One of the major purposes of using a Vibration mount is to shut away the vibration, shock and loud noises, which are produced by the machinery. These products can also be customized according the needs and requirements of the customers.


Conversion of rubber to metal bonded products involves adhering rubber to a metal substrate. The metal transfers its stiffness to the rubber in order to mount certain parts of a rubber. The remaining part of the rubber holds the metal, which contains elasticity. Before it is molded, excess grease from the metal is removed and later sandblasted to wipe out the presence of rust and impurities on the outer surface. After that, a bonding agent is applied to the metal. The rubber is allowed to dry and later they are placed in a mold. It is one of the common types of rubber, which are used in the field of medical and industrial applications.


Extrusion: Metal Inserts:-

It also focuses on manufacturing dense rubber along with closed cell sponge rubber. It offers softness and flexibility to the rubber while a metal is inserted.


The Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is undoubtedly one of the top manufacturing companies, which offers superior quality plastic components and rubber at nominal rates.

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