Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. — Quality at its best

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. — Quality at its best

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc., which is located at Pacadena, California in the United States of America, manufactures woven re-inforced fabrics, rubber, plastic compounds, included molded products, oil seals and fiberglass products.


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc, which is headquartered at Shanghai in China was established back in the year 1984. They kicked off their operations through molded products. During the initial stages, they focused on manufacturing wide varieties of rubber compounds, which included molding, extrusion and even converting rubber into metal bonding.


The company has currently extended their services in the field of automotive, industrial, food processing, HVAC and electrical appliances. They have also gained expertise in customizing rubber components as well as plastic products.


All the extruded and molded products manufactured by the company are scientifically tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They extrude polymers including Chloroprene, SBR, NBR, Natural Rubber, Butyl, Viton, Nitrile, Neoprene and EPDM.


Some of the molded and extruded products manufactured by the Lusida Rubber Products are as follows

  • Solid Rubber Extrusion: –

It is commonly used to develop objects related to fixed cross sectional profile. One of the major highlights of Solid Rubber Extrusion is that it can be utilized to form cross sections as well as objects, which are fragile.


  • Sponge Rubber Extrusion: –


The process of Sponge Rubber Extrusion is quite similar to that of a solid rubber. Certain chemicals are added to develop sponge rubber extrusions thereby making it easier to be utilized in wide varieties of applications. The company also manufactures closed cell sponge rubber.


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. has three major branches located at China and a corporate office situated in Los Angeles, California, USA. They manage and handle all the necessary shipping as well as customer care services. The customers can make use of the overseas pricing by approaching one of the corporate offices located in the United States of America.


Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. guarantees that they deliver top quality and durable products, which cater to the needs and requirements of the target customers.

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