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About Rubber Products

Rubber products are broadly classified into three tiers namely tires, industrial rubber product that are primarily used to manufacture aircraft, motor-vehicle and for the construction of rail road. Lusida Rubber Product’s Inc is a firm which specializes in manufacturing rubber products. Some of them are also used to produce bathing caps, gloves, rubber rings and mats.

There are quite a few rubber products which are made out of hard raw rubber while some are produced out of latexes. Gloves, rubber thread and foam rubber seats are just to name a few. There are two major stages involved in the production of rubber products. In the initial stage, raw rubber is mixed along with essential ingredients to produce rubber stock with the help of a milling machine.

During the last stage, semi-finished rubber products are vulcanized at temperatures 200 degree Celsius.  Some of the common types of vulcanization equipments are apparatus, boilers and even presses. Equipment is chosen depending upon the type of rubber products to be produced. Industrial rubber goods comprises of molded and un-molded goods, hoses and conveyor belts etc.

It is estimated that there are about 30,000 molded industrial rubber products such as sealing and shocking absorption, packing, oil prevention caps etc. Unmolded industrial rubber goods have nearly 12000 unmolded industrial rubber products. They are primarily used to seal windows and doors of standard vehicles, aircrafts and rail road cars etc. Conveyor belts are exclusively designed to transport materials etc.

There are plenty of rubber manufacturing companies who have gained expertise in the production of rubber. However, Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is the only renowned rubber manufacturing company who strives to offer top quality rubber products to the discerning clients. 

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc—Plastic Crosshead Extrusion

In general, Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. provides superior quality plastic crosshead extrusion services for the metal parts that need encapsulation. They are also highly specialized in manufacturing closed cell sponge rubber and dense rubber as well. Lusida Rubber is currently dealing with products that are found to be useful since it guarantees optimum softness and flexibility besides strength and rigidity of metal inserts.

They primarily implement state-of-the-art technology to make sure that the metal parts are manufactured as per the specifications. It offers maximum durability and reliability. Lusida Rubber Products, Inc has successfully earned the credibility of being one of the top suppliers of quality extrusions. The even take pride in being able to meet the highest quality standards.

It has the ability to insert copper wire, reinforcing materials and nylon strapping. Lusida have emerged as one of the pivotal parts of an extruded product. Plastic crosshead extrusions are meant to manufacture gaskets, cable and wire. They primarily use eco-friendly products to maximize waste and being energy efficient. Lusida provides constant assistance to the customers in choosing environment friendly thermoplastics for a specific project.

They are fully committed towards manufacture of superior quality products that ensures prompt delivery and meeting estimated budget. They are fully aware of the fact that each components and parts supplied do support product quality

They are highly specialized in the production of plastic crosshead extrusion. Lusida Rubber aims at manufacturing top quality products at an affordable rate.

Lusida Rubber Product: Significance of plastics in our daily life

Today, most of the contemporary plastics are designed out of organic chemicals. Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is one of the global suppliers of plastics since it has wide range of physical properties. There is a rapid increase in the growth of formulations. For the past many years, products which were made of plastic were regarded as a superior quality product.

One of the major highlights with respect to products designed out plastic is that it can be easily shaped, molded and laminated in any desired form. It can be used in diverse applications since it is impervious to corrosion; however there are chances of degradation when exposed to sunlight. Take for example, PVC plastic. There are numerous disposable issues associated with plastics owing to its durability. Accumulation of plastics is not suited for landfill as it would emit poisonous gases directly to the atmosphere. Most of the supermarkets supply one time grocery bags which often ends up in a trash bag exuding dust.

The presence of plastic is visible even in television, sound system, vacuum cleaner and cell phone. The plastic foam is also present in furniture items. Some of the other examples include plastic chairs, bar stool seats, non-cooking pans and plastic countertops. Most of the food items preserved in the refrigerator is tightly wrapped in plastics like yogurt, cheese, water and milk. Today, there are plastics such as pressurized soda bottles which prevent the emission of gases.

There are multiple companies who deliver rubber products and plastics in Pasadena, California. Out of which Lusida Rubber is the only reliable one which supplies top quality products at an affordable rate. The customers may visit the official website of the company.

Lusida Rubber Products: Trends and Challenges faced by Plastic Manufacturers

At present, plenty of plastic manufacturers across the world are encountering problems along with mind-blowing opportunities as well. It is primarily due to fluctuations in the consumer buying behavior and technological advancement. Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is one of the best examples to quote. Today, there are many manufacturers which appear to be smaller in terms of size since they deliver products for customized ones produced in minimum quantity.

The world is currently witnessing a splendid growth in the use of plastics in many industries such as automotive, electronics, construction and aerospace. The organizations are performing a thorough research in the use of plastic and they are also focusing on producing new ones that has physical properties. There are quite a few plastic products which have seasonal demand. Take for example, producers of Vinyl since they aim at creating inventories during early part of the season.

The longevity of plastic products has decreased considerably say years to few months. It has a significant impact on the supply of plastic goods. Plastic companies in order to survive and remain competitive, a quick turnaround on customer buying patterns are crucial. Since plastics are extracted from oil and natural gas, the price structure and availability might vary. One of the major causes for environmental pollution is due to persistent usage of plastic products and its disposal. Plastics are considered to be one of the least expensive materials when compared to other products.

Plastics are broadly classified into two namely thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics. Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is an authentic and reliable company who deals with the above mentioned plastics. The customers do not hesitate to visit the official website of the company.

Lusida Rubber Products:- Applications of Closed Cell Sponge Rubber

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is highly specialized in the production of Closed Cell Sponge Rubber. They are manufactured from authentic neoprene polymer. Majority of the Closed Cell Sponge Rubber comply with the flame rating UL 94HF-1. It functions effectively from -40 degree Fahrenheit to one hundred and fifty eight Fahrenheit. They are also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures at 200 degree Fahrenheit.  Closed Cell Sponge Rubber is impervious to alkalis, acids, ozone and light oil. This makes it one of the perfect choices for door gaskets.

What is meant by the term ‘Closed Cell blended Sponge Rubber’?

Closed Cell Blended Sponge Rubber is produced from a combination of SBR and EPDM. These components are widely supplied for manufactured of sponge gaskets. A Closed Cell Blended Sponge Rubber meets flame rating of UL 94HF-1 and would take a temperature of 70 degree Fahrenheit. However, it is not resistant to oil and below average when compared to neoprene sponge products.

Closed Cell EPDM Sponge Rubber does not comply with the UL flame ratings under the absence of additives. It is not resistant to oil and fuels. But one of the advantages with respect to Closed Cell EPDM Sponge Rubber is that it can survive in external conditions including ozone, water, and indirect sunlight.

A Closed cell sponge is used in a variety of industrial applications. Lusida Rubber Products are highly specialized in the customization of rubber products tailored to meet the user’s requirements.

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. focuses on manufacturing rubber products that comply with the needs and requirements of the customers around the world.

Lusida Rubber Products: Manufacturers of O-Ring (Torus)

Lusida Rubber Products specialize in the production of a doughnut shaped material termed as ‘O-ring’. It is manufactured out of elastomers which is quite similar to elastic materials like synthetic or natural rubber. They are exclusively designed to be placed under a groove while it is flattened at the time of assembling process. It develops a seal within the interface. They are used in a variety of static and dynamic applications. O-rings are considered to be one of the least expensive materials and the installation process is extremely easy. They provide immense sealing capacity. O-rings are broadly classified into Static seals and dynamic seals. Out of which dynamic sealing is the complicated one since it requires intricate design work and selection of materials as well.

One of the frequent dynamic motions that incorporate O-ring sealing system is the reciprocal motion. It is commonly found in actuators and hydraulic systems. The selection process of O-ring is purely based on application temperature and the overall sealing pressure. Furthermore, quality, quantity and cost are also taken into consideration. It is indisputably one of the cost-effective and reliable materials to seal megapascals. The initial patent of the O-ring was schedule on May, 12, 1896. They normally arrive in several metric and inch based sizes. The overall size is described by a cross section diameter. The standard size of an O-ring in USA is AS568-214. Today numerous manufacturing companies and distributors takes in approximately fourteen individual SKU’s along with ten million stocks.

Lusida Rubber Products produces superior quality O-ring materials and supplies to the company at an affordable rate.

Silicone Sponge Rubber: Flexible and customizable elastomeric material

Lusida Rubber Products primarily deals with the manufacture and supply of customized elastomeric material. It can be converted into multiple densities including low, medium and high meeting the needs of the application.

A sponge rubber is feasible enough to execute in a diverse range of environments. It even includes superior performance in a diverse range of temperatures. This type of material displays a remarkable performance in a variety of applications like sound and vibration.

Properties of a Silicone Sponge Rubber

Silicone sponge rubber which is designed out of cells is quite similar to that of a balloon. They hold gas thereby blocking the moisture to penetrate through the walls until the cell walls explode. The cells are not interconnected; as a result they do not allow both water and air to pass through the sponge at low pressures.

A closed cell sponge rubber is highly impervious to weather and sunlight. They are capable of surviving even at harsh outdoor environment much better than neoprene. Appropriate inclusion of additives is imperative to meet the UL flame ratings. They are highly vulnerable to oils and fuels.

A silicone closed cell sponge rubber has a very high level of resilience. It is less resistant to flames and it is incapable of obtaining flame ratings that falls beyond UL94HB.

Silicone rubber is indeed one of the best available options for various types of applications. They have a unique ability to function at a temperature ranging from one hundred degree centigrade to 250 degree Celsius.

Lusida Rubber Products Inc primarily focuses on producing rubber products that provide insulation from electricity. It has great thermal stability too.

Lusida Rubber Products: Award-winning rubber manufacturing co.

Lusida Rubber Products is an accomplished rubber manufacturing company that deals with top quality rubber products. They primarily focuses on customized rubber components like injection molded rubber and fast lead time. Each products manufactured by them are duly certified (ISO and TS). The valued customers will be definitely impressed by the professional services as well as productions.

Lusida Rubber Products have gained years of experience assisting OEM and Tier-1 manufacturing company. They lay special emphasis on the supply of molded products, rubber flooring, household and commercial establishments. They primarily deal with miscellaneous rubber products like bushes, O-rings, speed breakers, humps and kerbs.

Lusida Rubber Products Inc claims to be the top manufacturers and exporters of rubber products. They ensure timely delivery of customized rubber products. Lusida Rubber Products Inc have years of experience in exporting, manufacturing and supply of molded products. These products are produced by using superior quality materials like nitril, silicon and viton.

The products manufactured by them ensure a very high tolerance rate along with extreme flame retardant nature. Some of the components undergo rigorous tests like fluorocarbon and neoprene checks. This process is done to meet international and national standards. Lusida Rubber Products Inc has been at the forefront in exporting rubber products ever since its inception.

Very recently, they upgraded some of their manufacturing units and installed innovative and integrated plants at certain parts of India. The company is engaged in the manufacture and export of engineered rubber extruded products such as lip oil seals and rubber diaphragms.

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is currently at the forefront in manufacturing of rubber components at a very reasonable rate.

Lusida Rubber Products: Process of rubber tapping

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc specializes in the manufacture of rubber products. It is a process by which latex is gathered from a rubber tree. A groove is sliced deep into the bark of a tree using a hooked knife and later the bark is peeled off from the bark. Before tapping rubber, one should make sure that the tree is approximately six years old with six inches in diameter.

Rubber tapping does not pose threat to the forest since it does not involve trees to be cut down for the latex to be extracted. Jungle rubber is presumed to be the secondary forest. The primary objective of a rubber tapper is to eliminate a thin layer of bark from the tree. If it is done in an appropriate manner, tapping panel extracts latex for duration of about five hours.

The process of rubber tapping is executed during nights or early in the morning. As a result, latex would drip much before coagulating and sealing cuts. Additional chemicals are mixed to the latex cup in order to preserve the latex for a longer period of time. Natural coagulation is blocked using ammonia solution thereby enabling latex to remain in its liquid form.

Plastic bags that contain coagulant replaced cups across various plantations situated at Malaysia. This type of latex is primarily used as a raw material for latex concentrate.

Introduction to Elastomers
The term ‘Elastomers’ refers to long chain polymers that are capable of cross-linking. This process is known by the name ‘Vulcanization’.

The Lusida Rubber Products based in Pasadena, California aims at the distribution and supply of only superior quality rubber products.


Lusida Rubber Products:A prominent offshore firm in the US

Lusida Rubber Products is a leading offshore organization who has gained expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of rubber products. They primarily deal with custom molded rubber materials catering to diverse range of purposes.

Take for example, Rubber respiratory safety masks produced by Lusida is highly impervious to toxic chemicals and foreign contaminants. Highly advanced rubber products are aware of the rubber needs of the valued customers. The internal team of Lusida Rubber Products undertakes overall responsibility to ensure product reliability. For instance, a polymer insulator that may cost less than one hundred dollars per unit could save a transformer worth fifteen dollars from getting damaged. Likewise, poor response from a rubber component would lead to a hike in the cost.

Rubber is one of the cost effective method of safeguarding pivotal aspects of a business organization. It is indeed one of the flexible and durable products. Adequate material is essential during the process of customized rubber molding. They normally take advantage of cryogenic deflashing to eliminate any sorts of unnecessary rubber from the customized molded materials.

Later each molded pieces are transferred to a chamber under a temperature of -60 degree Celsius. Lusida Rubber Products is fully aware of the significance of products. If in case an unexpected event takes place, adequate amount of customized rubber products is required within a short duration. Taking this into consideration, the Lusida Rubber Products, Inc maintains a warehouse to store on-demand rubber products.

Lusida Rubber focuses on supplying 100% and authentic rubber components to their valued clients. Each rubber products are distributed at a nominal rate.