Reclaimed rubber: the eco-friendly option in Lucida rubber

Reclaimed rubber: the eco-friendly option in Lucida rubber

The environmentalists all across the globe tend to practice common phrases like ‘go green’, ‘recycle and reuse’. When it comes to the manufacturing of Lucida rubber, it is the automobile industry which is the major contributor here. People are now becoming eco-friendly and embracing greener ways of production to help our planet earth. By using reclaimed rubber, you are minimizing the exploitation of natural resources. Reclaimed rubber is the fabulous way to preserve our natural resource and restrict paucity.

Reclaimed rubber for the safe disposal of car tires

The disposal of automobile tires tends to create a major threat to our environment. Eco system is getting harmed day by day to degrade our ecological balance. One has to be aware of the safe way of disposing car tires and the ways of recycling. As the car tires are made up of rubber and latex sheet it is pretty difficult to recycle. To create tougher bonds, companies must not use vulcanization technique but rather they must employ only freezing technique. Liquid nitrogen may be used during the making of tires so that the tires do not harm the environment.

Reclaimed Lucida rubber and the various applications

As already stated, rubber tires have huge application in various industries. It is mainly the automobile industry which makes use of this type of rubber. The following are some of the uses of reclaimed Lucida rubber:

  • Shredded rubber may be used in glass and steel industry in order to augment coal fuel
  • They may be used in the landfills for creating a sort of protective covering
  • Reclaimed rubber has great application in the realm of creating playgrounds. It can be used to cushion the playgrounds in parks, schools, clubs, etc. So, students can even play on the ground or floor and there will no bad impact
  • Clothing and garment industry can use reclaimed rubber for making the sole of the coat, for making sport shoes and work shoes. It is used profusely for waterproofing of clothes.
  • Metropolitan cities create pathways with reclaimed rubber and avoid concrete material

A variety of products with Lucida rubber

Rubber is an important resource which is utilized all across the globe for a variety of purposes. Reclaimed rubber, in particular, can be used for the manufacture of variety of products like aircraft tires, tractor tires, flooring materials, mats.

A lot many manufacturers offer quality rubber at affordable rates.

Using reclaimed Lucida rubber is the finest way to stay eco-friendly. By using the kind of rubber you are not harming the planet earth. They may be used and disposed without causing any carbon footprint.

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