Lusida Rubber Products:Fiber glass Reinforced at nominal rates

Lusida Rubber Products:Fiber glass Reinforced at nominal rates

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc based in Pasadena, California is specialized in the manufacturing of rubber products and fiber glass insulation. One of the major benefits of fibreglass insulation is that it has a minimum installation expenses when compared to similar insulating materials.

Ever since the launch of fibreglass insulation in the year 1938, it continued to be one of the sought after materials for the construction of commercial buildings and complex. It is one of the cost-effective and energy efficient materials that are capable of enhancing the occupant comfort level.

Fiber glass insulation had given a new lease of life to majority of the green building projects across the globe. A fiber glass building insulation is mainly used for thermal and acoustical purposes. It includes attics, open spaces and wall cavities as well. It is considered to be a thermal efficient material that helps in regulating the temperature of congested areas.

The thermal performance is very helpful in bringing down the utility expenses. Fiber glass insulation provides design flexibility. A large quantity of this material can be placed in certain parts of the building to raise thermal performance.

The Fiber glass batt insulation materials arrive in default R-Values like R-8 to R-40. Blown-in fiber glass insulation can be placed on the top of batt insulation for various renovation projects. It is helpful in increasing the R-Value. Smooth installation of fiber glass insulation guarantees optimum R-Value for decades.

The Lusida Rubber aims at distributing superior quality rubber products with enhanced durability. They are primarily incorporated to design automobile products, hulls, home installation and even shower curtains.

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