Gaskets and Seals – Where are they used?

Gaskets and Seals – Where are they used?

There are so many items that come in handy in industrial applications. One category includes gaskets and seals that are used a lot in the manufacturing world. The most common ones are o-rings. O-rings are made from elastomers and looks like a doughnut. The purpose of using an o-ring is to seal. You have no idea of its sealing capacity in spite of the fact that they are quite cheap and very easy to install.

O-Rings are used extensively in the following industries:
•Gas, oil and petroleum
•Food and beverage

O-rings have the scope of getting customized as per the requirement which is important. It is possible to get the o-ring of different dimensions made based on where they are to be used. Manufacturing units make miniature o-rings and ones of larger dimensions. Additionally, it is important that the manufacturer abides by certain norms and standards like as AS 568, DIN ISO 3601 and JIS.

Lusida Rubber Products company manufactures several custom molded rubber products including gaskets and seals. Lusida has an experience of more than 20 years in this field and it speaks up for itself with the quality of their products.

Gaskets and seals are used a lot in different industrial applications and the commonly used ones are o-rings. They can be custom-made as per the requirement.

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