Explore quality and variety with Lusida Rubber Products

Explore quality and variety with Lusida Rubber Products

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. produces a variety of rubber components. They provide outstanding support to their customers in every way possible. The company is dedicated to working with the client to providing economical quotes, customer service and much more!

With a new management to create a wealth of a difference to the company, Lusida Rubber deserves a chance! One look at the website and any and every rubber products one can think of are pretty much present.

Molded Products

If you are looking at the molding capabilities, Lusida Rubber will not disappoint. With a wide range of molded products ranging from O-rings to bushings, the variety will leave you impressed! In fact, the company goes a step ahead and provides you not only a wide variety of their products but also a chance to customize your selections with your suggested specifications!

The Solid Rubber Molding

These Compression molding products have uncured rubber compounds in heated and open mold cavity. The molds are closed under pressure to initiate curing. As far as the solid rubber molding goes, Lusida Rubber products include the Transfer molding along with the compression molding. The uncured rubber is placed in a transfer chamber. The last of the Solid Molding is the Injection molding which entails preheating uncured rubber and then injecting in a closed and heated mold.

Oil seals

These seals have flexible lips that function to prevent a leakage or even entrance of dirt. The company ensures that each seal meets the required quality standard so that the duty is served most purposefully! The company manufactures oil seals of various sizes and types. All you have to do is explore!

Sponge Rubber Molding

As far as this Lusida Rubber product is concerned, the raw compound is mixed with similar equipment to the solid rubber ones. The difference lies in the fact that a chemical blowing agent is added additionally.

This segment was just the molded products. The company has many many more categories in their portfolio. Whether you are looking at a Hoses, Extruded Products, Fiberglass or even Diaphragm, all one needs to do is explore the website. All the information regarding the products and contact is conveniently mentioned on the website. An organic search will lead you to them.

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