What is Rubber to Metal Bonding and What are its Applications?

 There is a wide and varied use of rubber to metal bonded products in a number of industrial applications. Rubber to metal bonding is basically the process of adhering rubber to metal. The rubber becomes stiff enough to get mounted due to the metal and in turn gives the metal the elasticity it needs. 

 Before the molding is done, the metal is treated to remove rust and any kind of impurities. Next, a bonding agent is sprayed on top of it. The rubber, after being dried is placed in the mold for forming and curing.

Rubber to metal bonded products like metal gaskets and vibration mounts are used in aerospace, medical, automotive and industrial applications. You might have even come across these products but must have not keenly observed it. For instance, vibration mounts help in isolating shock, sound and vibration because of machinery. This is much needed in an industrial environment.

As a manufacturer of rubber products, Lusida Rubber products is into making products that involve rubber to metal bonding. It has timing belt and silicone heater hoses on the list as well. However, at Lusida, the client has an upper hand and get products manufactured based on the requirement. 

Rubber to metal bonding has extensive use in different industries. It is the process of adhering rubber to metal. Rubber to metal bonded products are manufactured by Lusida Rubber based on the client’s requirements.