Lusida Rubber: Top quality plastic components at competitive rates!

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc.was established in the year July, 1st 2015. They are currently one of the leading suppliers of customized rubber products and plastic components in California. All the products are manufactured and packed in tight containers before they are shipped to the customer’s doorstep. Numerous Rubber compounds are also produced by the company. The company is blessed with a team of highly skilled and trained personnel. Their main objective is to maintain the standards during product and distribution of the products.

‘Thermoplastic’ and ‘Thermosetting polymers’

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. specialize in arrays of plastic products namely ‘ Thermoplastic’ and ‘Thermo setting polymers’. The former one is not subjected to any sorts of chemical reaction when heated. It can be molded over and over. Some of the popular thermoplastics include ‘Polyethylene’, ‘Polystyrene’, ‘Polyvinyl Chloride’ and ‘Polytetrafluoro Ethylene’ (PTFE).On the other hand; ‘Thermosetting polymers’ are stable and solid even if they are melted. One of the unique features with respect to ‘Thermosets’ is that it is capable of regaining its original shape.

Fiber Glass Wire

The company also deals in the manufacturing of Fiber Glass Wire. Owing to its flexibility, they are bad conductors of heat, electricity, and sound. Since it shares similar features of a Fiber Glass, it can be commonly used for a range of applications.

Those valued customers who are scouting around for customized rubber products and plastic components may visit official website of Lusida Rubber.