X Ring Seals

X Ring Seals, also known as Quad-Rings, represent an advanced class of sealing elements, distinguished by their unique X shaped cross-section.

This innovative design offers numerous advantages over traditional O-rings, including enhanced sealing capabilities and increased resistance to twisting and rolling.

Ideal for both static and dynamic applications, X Rings provide reliable and long-lasting seals across various industries.

X Rings deliver superior sealing performance due to their four-lobed profile, which maintains twice the sealing surface compared to standard O-rings. This double-seal action requires less squeeze to achieve an effective seal, reducing friction and extending seal life. Additionally, the parting lines on X Rings are strategically placed between the lobes, away from the sealing surface, to prevent leakage and ensure a more secure seal.

X O-Rings


X-Rings are versatile and effective in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aviation, and manufacturing. Their robust design makes them ideal for high-pressure and high-temperature environments where reliability is crucial. In hydraulic and pneumatic systems, X-Rings excel by providing excellent sealing characteristics without leakage, even under varying pressures and temperatures.

For more information or assistance in selecting the right X-Ring for your application, send us an inquiry. We're here to help you find the perfect sealing solution for your needs.

Advantages Using X Rings

X-Rings offer several benefits over traditional seals:

  • Enhanced stability and resistance to twisting and rolling, improving performance in dynamic operations.
  • Reduced friction and wear, leading to longer seal life and less frequent replacements.
  • Improved sealing capabilities, ensuring no leakage in demanding applications.
  • Superior performance in rotary applications, maintaining a constant seal even during movement.