What is sponge rubber used for?

There are so many rubber products around us that, at times, we don’t even realize their presence. Sponge rubber is a soft rubber that you can use for sealing a lot of things such as doors of vehicles (cars) and hand-held electronics. They are able to give you more allowance between two sealing faces. Using sponge rubber is cost effective as well because of less use of material as there is the presence of air in the cells of the rubber.

Several products made with sponge rubber molding method are used for sound proofing, to create a cushioning effect, dampening vibration and weather stripping. In addition to that, you can find the use of products made from sponge rubber molding in filters, gaskets and thermal insulation.

If you require such rubber products for your industry, make sure that you get them manufactured from a reliable company. Whether you need fabric reinforced hoses or products made using rubber to metal bonding, you have to choose a company that puts in the maximum efforts and follows all the standards while manufacturing the rubber products. Substandard products can never give you the results you want and can cost you in the long run.

Sponge rubber molding products are used for sealing purposes, sound proofing, to create a cushioning effect, reducing vibration and weather stripping.