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Difference between Gaskets and Seals

 Rubber products are used widely for different industrial purposes. Gaskets and seals are few of them that can be found in numerous applications. However, there is a difference between the two. Gaskets are used as a seal between two components with flat surfaces whereas seals are put to use for shafts, pumps and parts of engines that rotate. Seals are mostly round and flat whereas gaskets are of different shapes in order to fit into components well. Seals are used to prevent leaks and are used in bearings that help cancel noise along with preventing leaking.

Gaskets are chiefly made of rubber or elastomeric materials but there are also materials like cork, cork & rubber and graphite among others that are used for its manufacture. Gaskets are used most often in oil and gas industry and pulp and paper industry. They are also used in electricity generation and transportation. 

You will find the use of gaskets and seals in many things around you. It is just that it is not too obvious. 

At Lusida Rubber products, there is the manufacture of molded products made from rubber which includes gaskets and seals like oil seals for industrial purposes. The quality of the products is excellent and the prices are competitive. 

There is a difference between gaskets and seals. Gaskets are used as a seal between two components with flat surfaces whereas seals are put to use for parts that rotate like shafts, pumps and parts of engines. 

Where are custom molded rubber products used?

Rubber products are used for various purposes all over the world. In fact, the applications of custom molded rubber products are so many that all of them cannot even be listed here. Custom molded rubber products are used in railroads, automobiles, farm equipment, oil and gas industry and many more industries. You will find rubber products in places like elevators, breweries and hospitals for various applications. It is highly likely that you may not have closely observed them but the truth is that they are widely used. 

At home, they are present in commonly used items like garden hoses and drinking straws. This means that rubber products are a part of everyday life and doesn’t stop with use in industries only.

In order to manufacture custom molded rubber products, there are 3 commonly used techniques and they are,

•Compression molding 

•Injection molding


Rubber manufacturing industries like Lusida Rubber Products are into the manufacture of rubber products and use the above mentioned techniques in the manufacture of the products. They are into manufacturing O-rings and timing belts that are widely used for various purposes across different industries. At Lusida Rubber Products, you can be assured of quality. 

Custom molded rubber products are used widely used for industrial purposes. In addition to that, the products are a part of everyday life.