Processing and manufacturing of fiber glass at Lusida Rubber Product

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. which is headquartered at Pasadena, California is specialized in manufacturing of fiberglass. It is termed as a cluster of products that is designed out of fibers. The glass fibers are broadly classified into two namely continuous fibers that are commonly used in the field of textile and yarning industries. The second one is the discontinuous fibers which are exploited to develop blankets and even boards for specific tasks like filtration as well as insulation.

The Fiber Glass are also used for draperies, cotton, wool and woven into fabric. A fiber glass wool is a heavy and soft material that is exclusively designed for sound absorption and thermal insulation. Fiberglass textiles can be taken advantage to create laminated and even molded plastics as well. Discontinuous fibers are commonly found in plenty of ship and submarine automobile compartments. Fiber Glass are specifically designed to match the needs and requirements of Type E electrical components such as textiles, reinforcement, and electrical insulation tapes etc.

The Fiber Glass was in existence ever since the era of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Phoenicians. Their remarkable craftsmanship helped them to melt glass and straighten it to thin fibers. During the year 1930, numerous commercial scale manufacturing industries manufactured fibers.

The different types of fiber glass include A-Glass which is sometimes referred to as Alkali glass. It is widely used to design equipments and share similar features to that of a window glass.

Lusida Rubber produces a variety of fiber glasses which is a good insulator of electricity and famous for its outstanding properties.