Hoses – Which material are they made up of?

Hoses are not boring anymore. You actually have choice while choosing your garden hose. There are flat ones, curly ones and come in several different designs. The material of your hose matters the most so let’s take a look at them.

Hoses are made from Vinyl, rubber or polyurethane. Out of these, the ones made of rubber are the most long-lasting but you have to keep them in shade to prevent sunlight from spoiling the material. The best way out is to use a hose made of rubber treated with UV resistant material. You also have fabric reinforced hoses and the ones reinforced with PVC for better functionality. There is also the option of using hoses made of recycled rubber as it is an environment-friendly choice. It is worth noting that fabric reinforced hoses are mostly used in industries, factories, agriculture and mining to send water, air, or oil.

To serve industrial purposes, there is a need to look for a reliable and well-experienced manufacturer of hoses. Lusida Rubber is one such rubber products manufacturing company that manufactures several industrial products made by using Sponge Rubber Molding and Rubber to Metal Bonding.

Hoses are made from Vinyl, rubber or polyurethane. The rubber ones last the longest. For industrial purpose fabric reinforced hoses are widely used.