Lusida Rubber: Customized products at your doorstep!

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. kicked off its operations in the year 2015. They have currently emerged as one of the top suppliers of custom rubber and plastic components. The company aims to deliver top quality Lusida rubber to their customers at affordable rates and at the right destination. There are wide varieties of rubber compounds available at Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. Let us look at some of the types of molded Lusida rubber products and its features.
1.The company is well equipped with a range of molding capabilities ranging from grommets, O rings, and washers to bushings. These are readily available in the form of solid and sponge rubber without any specifications.

2.Some of the other industrial products available at this company include metal bonded products which are widely used for several applications in the present industry. The compounded rubber is imparted with enough strength to absorb all the pressure thrust upon it. This inbuilt toughness of the material is due to the perfect blending of rubber and metal which enables it to be strong and shock absorbant.

3.Braided fiberglass sleeving: -The properties of fibreglasses being abrasion proof and resistant to high temperature is useful for products that are subject to extremely tough surface and heat.

4.Fiber coated rubber sleeves manufactured by the company blended with resin makes it an ideal material for electrical components and home appliances.

5.Fiber glass wires produced by Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. are flexible enough to be utilized in wide varieties of applications. Since it contains similar properties of an ordinary fiber glass, it can be used in countless number of ways.

6.Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. is highly specialized in manufacturing of fiber glass tapes. This product is primarily used in wrapping electrical cable due to its high resistance to extreme temperatures.

7.Woven fabric reinforced : –
Woven fabric has got a higher design flexibility has the ability to withstand high pressures and responsive to small pressure variations.

The company ensures that only durable rubber compounds are delivered to the customers.