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When making rubber products, a manufacturer needs to be more careful here than making steel or plastic products. The very processing of rubber is pretty much complex when compared to plastic and steel materials where 3-4 ingredients need to be combined. Indeed, Lusida rubber products are manufactured by combining 10-15 […]

Important factors to consider while making the rubber products

The demand for the industry grade rubber products is on the rise as it is used profusely for the manufacture of automobile parts. The production of tire has also increased and indeed the rubber products are exported to several countries globally. Custom rubber products are used for industrial and domestic […]

The various applications of industry grade Lusida Rubber products

Lusida Rubber is an award-winning supplier of rubber and plastic products. Rubber products created by the company include O-rings, washers, bushings, diaphragms, grommets and mounts.  The company aims to offer custom high-quality products and fast lead time. All of their products are ISO and TS certified. When it comes to […]

Lusida Rubber Products Inc. welcomes you to their quality Hoses ...

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc. produces a variety of rubber components. They provide outstanding support to their customers in every way possible. The company is dedicated to working with the client to providing economical quotes, customer service and much more! With a new management to create a wealth of a difference […]

Explore quality and variety with Lusida Rubber Products

The leader of low cost custom rubber products manufacturing. At Lusida Rubber Products, we hope you find us useful and helpful. We aim to service you and to help you to not only survive, but to prosper in today’s competitive market. We offer the best pricing possible with high quality products […]

Lusida Rubber Products

The Award Winning Supply and Service Rubber Manufacturer Lusida Rubber Products offers high quality custom rubber products such as injection molded rubber with cost effective solutions and fast lead time. All of our products have passed strenuous tests and are ISO and TS certified. With our 27 years experience of […]

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